Live in New York - DVD

The long awaited DVD of The London Girls Choir is finally here - and here to stay!!! With most songs taken from the 2007 Succos concert in New York, now you can watch Dena Cohen and her talented girls in action! Featuring some stunning performances from Treble Kef, with beautiful singing, dramatic dancing, and multi-layered harmonies.

The London Girls Choir will delight you, as always, with an audio-video feast, singing hit songs, Mo Rabu, Avrohom Yogel, and many more! The sheer creative genius that Dena Cohen puts into the songs, lyrics, harmonies, choreography, music arrangements and overall presentation, is simply unparalleled, and this is one DVD you'll want to watch over and over again.

Pulling Strings

The long awaited sequel to Silver Lining is here!

This CD is sung by the renowned London Girls Choir together with Treble Kef.

9 of the 11 songs were written and composed by Dena Cohen with one song taken from Piamenta, and another from Hilel Goldblum. All vocals and initial music arrangements were recorded in The Shira Centre Studios, with live musicians recorded in Yuval Havkin's Studio.

Once again Dena Cohen brings us some beautiful, original compositions, thought- provoking, stirring lyrics, sung with her trademark multi-layered harmonies. The music arrangements are exquisite and the range of style is unbelievably diverse - this is one album you will want to hear over and over again! Click below for a preview song montage!


Silver Lining

The Shira Centre's debut album, The London Girls Choir - Silver Lining was released in England in June 2004. Amid much anticipation from the American quarters, it was later released worldwide, to critical acclaim.

The CD Silver Lining was simply the natural outcome of different parts of Dena’s musical experiences coming together. Namely, the incredibly talented Shira Centre singers whom Dena wanted to showcase, Dena’s refreshing and original compositions, combined with her newfound interest in music arranging and sound engineering.

All but one of the songs were written and composed by Dena Cohen. The exception is track no. 7, Yevarechecha, which is by Sam Glaser. The songs were recorded in The Shira Centre Studio, and the music was arranged by Dena Cohen and Yuval Havkin.

REVIEW of Silver Lining by SD

This CD has to be heard to be believed. Breathtaking in musical scope, inspiring in its slow moving tunes, sensational in its fast, leibedik songs, impressive in its sheer versatility of style and range... It simply has no parallel in Jewish music.

The girls voices blend together beautifully, and the soloists are outstandingly talented. You can hear the hours and hours of work and training that went into the singing alone - never mind the rest! The songs are the type that you find yourself humming hours later, with layers upon layers of gorgeous harmonies. The musical accompaniment is perfectly suited to each song, and the use and the choice of instruments is highly original. This album has depth, that touches you, unlike any other. It is a highly sophisticated and complex production, yet somehow it is also stunningly simple.

There is something in Silver Lining for everyone. Mothers' favourites tend to be the sentimental Little Bird, Yevarechecha and the haunting Shabbos Spirit, younger children seem to love One Nation, and Shiru Lashem, while teenagers have gone wild over Mah Rabu and Avraham Yagel. It's true to say that every time you listen to the album Silver Lining, you'll notice something else. You'd have to hear it in its entirety at least 20 times in order to appreciate it.

Listening to the passage of songs, you're taken on a breathtaking journey through Jewish life. When you've finished the 11th song, you're left feeling uplifted and inspired, and you'll want to start all over again!

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