The London Girls Choir is made up of a core of girls from The Shira Centre.

Treble Kef is made up of 3 talented dancing singers.

To invite Treble Kef or the London Girls Choir to perform at your event or for your local Tzedoko, contact Mr Michael Cohen +44 208 458 4537 or Email


The London Girls Choir performed in Manchester on Sunday 17th July 2016 at Beis Yaakov High School, Broom Lane. The concert was presented by the Beis Chinuch Mothers Committee.


The Detroit community were treated for the second time to the London Girls Choir in a Chanukah performance to a packed audience performing for the special program of Yeshivas Darchei Torah.


 LONDON - NOV 22 2015

Due to popular demand, The London Girls choir returned for another packed out concert in N16 on November 22nd 2015. Well over 700 ladies and girls enjoyed another musical production from the Shira Centre together with comedian Marion Hermes Fine.



The London Girls choir performed to a packed audience in Broughton Park, Manchester. Their fabulous performance in aid of the Aguda Hershel Weiss Children and Family Centre, provided a wonderful evening of entertainment.


After a short break, the Shira Centre returned to the stage, but this time to a debut audience for the community in Stamford Hill, North London. Approx 800 ladies and girls were treated to a fantastic evening of musical enterntainment.


The Woman's committee of Matan Bseser performed for the very first time in Antwerp in the Zaal Elckerlyc theatre - The London Girls Choir in a special feature performance on Sunday 23rd November 2008.


After much demand and a 2 year long wait - the London Girls Choir together with Treble Kef performed at the Arts Depot Theatre in Finchley, London. There were 2 shows; one in the afternoon and one in the evening. The performance featured all the choir favourites as well as some new medleys and also a brand new audio visual presentation titled 'A Day in the life of The Shira Centre.' Proceeds of both shows went to local Tzedokos.

 NEW YORK - OCT 2007

The London Girls Choirs and Treble Kef last toured in the USA - Sukkos 2007. There were 2 concerts in New York and one in Detroit. This was the first tour since the Pulling Strings album was released, and the audience were treated to a beautiful visual presentation of Dena Cohen's latest songs, together with the usual multi layered harmonies.

 LONDON - DEC 2006

The 3rd December 2006, the London Girls Choir performed together with the rest of The Shira Centre, to critical acclaim in the Logan Hall, London. Everyone agreed it was high time for the choirs to perform for their home town. Proceeds went to local Tzedokos, organised by Mrs Lissie Morris.


The Gracie Fields Theatre concert for Manchester was performed by almost all The Shira Centre's choirs, together with The London Girls Choir. The first planned concert was sold out after 3 days, so an afternoon matinee performance had to be added. Proceeds from the concert went to developing the music room, in Beis Yaakov High School in Manchester.

Both concerts were thoroughly enjoyed by all! Mothers were seen to be sobbing in the audience to Little Bird, while Dena Cohen's brand new song Pulling Strings was a definite favourite among the younger generation! There were many seminary girls who thoroughly enjoyed the concert, and contributed a great ruach to the performance! Of course the younger audience members loved One Nation whilst the more musically minded appreciated Dena's piano and guitar performing, the beautiful music arrangements, and some exquisite harmonies. Many other people commented on how much they enjoyed the inspiring messages behind the songs What We Want, My Belief, and The Treasure (the former 2 being Dena's compositions, and the latter taken and adapted from Destiny).

We've heard that schools are doing workshops on the song What We Want in order for the girls to truly appreciate and learn from the message behind the song - which is something that Dena has been thrilled to learn about!

So all in all, The Shira Centre has done it again, and created a performance (or 2) which has uplifted and inspired, providing a wonderful, kosher, entertaining, and heartwarming evening for all.

 ISRAEL - OCT 2006

The London Girls Choir just got back from their concert in Israel, in Binyanei Ha'uma. The concert took place on 17th October 2006 and was organised in aid of Zir Chemed. It was by all accounts a tremendous success. The 3,000 seat hall was completely sold out. There were hundreds more people squeezing into the aisles, the stairs, squashing 2 people to a seat... reminding us of our New York concert last Succos!

The general consensus was that having the London Girls Choir perform for just one night is simply not enough, and next time they go to Israel, they have to have a few performances prepared.

The members of London Girls Choir who went to Israel in October 2006 were

Shani Kraushar Ruchie Bodner
Zahava Roitenbarg Rivka Freifeld
Miriam Sternlicht Racheli Josephs
Ria Wise Shoshana Dunner
Sheri Schleider Simcha Bella Seliger
Abigail Felsenstein Chaya Cymerman
Danit Tsubara Rochel Gluck
Hindy Shaaryashuv  

The team of staff accompanying The London Girls Choir this time consisted of Stage Manager - Batya Heller, Costume Manager - Chavi Bamburger, Concert Organiser - Mr Michael Cohen, and The Shira Centre Director - Mrs Dena Cohen


The next international concert was on the 5th March in Montreal, Canada. This concert was organised by Yaldei, - a wonderful school for young children with special needs. The London Girls Choir performed in Place Des Arts, which seats around 1,600 people, and again it was a sell-out!

Included in the concert program was a beautiful song composed specifically for Yaldei by Dena Cohen, which was perfectly synchronised with a slideshow of pictures of the children at Yaldei.

The members of the London Girls Choir who travelled to Montreal in March 2006 were:

Michal Bordon Sheri Schleider
Shoshana Dunner Simcha Bella Seliger
Abigail Felsenstein Pamela Simonsson
Libby Foux Miriam Sternlicht
Nadia Frankel Danit Tsubara
Racheli Josephs Chavi Vogel
Sheina Kanaar Nomi Weinstien
Ariella Leblanc Hayley Witztum
Jessica Savery Yael Sheinfeld

The team of staff accompanying The London Girls Choir this time consisted of Stage Manager - Chavi Sinitzky, Costume Manager - Mrs Debbie Kramar, Concert Organiser - Mr Michael Cohen, and The Shira Centre Director - Mrs Dena Cohen

 NEW YORK - OCT 2005

The London Girls Choir (known as the Flying Choir in London!) had their first performance abroad in New York. The concert, organised by Milk and Honey Productions, took place on Chol Hamoed Succos, October 2005, and was a complete sell-out! Brooklyn College Hall seats 2,300 people, and apparently there were entire rows in the audience where ladies and girls were sitting 2 to a seat!

There were also many standing and sitting in the aisles! So it seems to be safe to estimate that there probably was an audience of around 3,000.

Reports were heard from different sources that "there were around 250 girls outside who couldn't get in!" and "there were whole coachloads of girls from Lakewood and Monsey who were all turned away!" and "there were about 600 girls and women outside who were turned away!" and "girls were bribing the security guards to let them in!"

The members of the London Girls Choir who travelled to New York in October 2005 were:

Talya Blake Zahava Roitenbarg
Hadassa Davis Miriam Sternlicht
Shani Kraushar Ria Wise
Perele Pachtinger  

Jordana Birnbaum Rochel Leah Michaels
Michal Bordon Dina Michaels
Shoshana Dunner Sheri Schleider
Abigail Felsenstein Hindy Shaaryashuv
Libby Foux Shoshi Steinberg
Nadia Frankel Danit Tsubara
Chava Heller Ruthie Ullmann
Soro Leah Klein Chani Wiesenfeld
Zahava Maslo Hayley Witztum
Nechama Maslo  

They were joined by Stage Manager, Chavi Sinitzky and The Shira Centre Director - Mrs Dena Cohen.